Marketing plan cereal bars

Another added value to the product would be the additional glucose, which will provide a steady release of energy throughout the day. The company is known within the industry to empower people to achieve health and wellbeing by offering all natural foods that are minimally processed and free of highly refined sugars, unnecessary additives, and preservatives.

As the market is already full of leading brands, such as Kelloggs and Alpen, we feel that our competitive strategy needs to be well researched from all perspectives.

It is going to expend sales in whole Australia and overseas countries in the next two years. We plan to target both males and females at the ages of 13 years to 19 years. Although extremely important, it is not our only selling point to attract the necessary clientele year old young professionals.

Marketing By Christine Shao Name and appropriateness of choice OMG is a pet phrase among teenagers and also I want to deliver a message to costumers that the cereal has amazing taste. The introduction of a development section of the business will help drive the business forward by initially helping with the set up of the business and then further monitoring and improving the business forward.

Our IMC controls should help thins figure progress tobars by the end of year one. These figures show us that there has been a Marketing plan cereal bars growth in the food culture in America and this is something that Wake Up can capitalise on.

Creativity at Wake Up will be rewarded and a heavy commitment to society is integral. Most bars are sold in a traditional bar fashion rectangular shaped and sold as a 5 or 6 for a box. There is also the concern of continuous attention on product innovation: The life cycle stage for this industry sector is the Growth phase, as individual rates and employment rates.

Cereal Marketing Plan

The marketing of the product should be carefully administered to get the best results, it is also the key factor in getting the product and brand name established as customer perspective is a vital aspect.

We will undertake market research of a variety of packaging styles near to the release date in order for the product to be relevant to the time. May be affected by the external economic climate as due to its high healthy, organic and high quality nature it may be perceived to be a high end, luxury brand.

More specifically according to a new report by Weetabix, the UK cereal car market is worth? This will also create and awareness to the members of the research market group that we choose.

Our target market described is the one intended by most all nutritious and healthy breakfast cereals. This in turn will affect the marketing plan as not only will changes within the business have to be made in order to research and meet the demands of the new demographics, but the way in which the business is recognized externally will also be affected.

Our market is potential. We aim to increase our awareness of our product in our target market and have a majority of costumers as repeat customers who return to purchase our OMG active cereal at least once a month.

Cereal Marketing Plan

One perspective which will feature heavily in our strategy is the marketing strategy, also taking into account our carefully chosen distribution channels; these will be health food shops, supermarkets, gyms and local shops.

Wake Up boasts the competencies to be able to attract many customers due to its USPs which include implementing a fair-trade logo, added glucose for the much needed energy to help you get through a hard day, organic nutritious ingredients, recyclable packaging and a triangular shaped package that stands out amongst its competitors.

Our target market described is the one intended by most all nutritious and healthy breakfast cereals. Nowadays, more and more people realize the importance of a healthy breakfast. There is then a great possibility and open opportunity to expand the product range; this could lead to an expansion into international markets.

This gives our product a unique feature and the edge that we need for placing a product in an already busy market. Our company will be broken down into divisions. Whilst we feel our segment is an untapped on in need of our product the wider segements are also a good place to operate in.

Accounting to an online research statistics inUncle Tobys Oats came out on top of the competition, winning the most satisfied customers.

Marketing Plan Cereal Bars Paper

The other factor is the packaging of the wake-up bars when sold as a box. We are a market leader in all natural food products including a variety of cereals, shakes, crackers, and snack bars.

These include on department for each IMC measure used, alongside a creative department headed by a creative director. Is a relevant product as it promotes a healthy lifestyle which is an ongoing issue, it appeals to a segment which is currently untapped by any other organic food retailer, it also adds value other cereal bars fail to do.

Contingency Planning Wake Up is confident in its research and costing, yet cannot prepare for every situation.Marketing Plan Introduction The current paper describes the marketing plan for a new Johnny D Bar that will be a bar located in Shoreditch area, London on Rivington street.

Shoreditch is an area of London within the London Borough of Hackney. The US has also shown a great interest in the cereal bar market, the consumer market for cereal bars in the U.

S. in is $1. 4 billion and this market grew an impressive 69% between and The main marketing objective for CRUNCHIN’S Cocopop cereal is to gain the highest market share relative to other competitor cereal brands, within six months of the launch in international market. This includes both the tourist niche and the local segment.

Marketing Plan 1. Current Situation Macro-environment Analysis 1. Current Situation On-the-go consumers are buying cereal bars and breakfast biscuits instead of eating traditional breakfast cereals.

The marketing mix Brand Core Benefit Functions Brand Personality. The cereal bar market in the UK in rapidly expanding.

Bored with conventional approaches to cereal bars Wake Up bar aims to add extra value to an already popular product. The cereal bar market is now looking for extra ingredients in the bars to persuade customers on to that particular brand.

Our. -Cereal bar market is an Oligopoly market. -Growth among year olds-positive sign for our brand. + group is a very difficult age to cater.

Opinions of a 55 yr old and 70 yr old not concordant. -Other reputable brands include: Quaker, Nature Valley, Kellogg’s bars, Mcvities, Alpen.

Marketing plan cereal bars
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