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While Rufus may have controlled her body, she controlled her mind. In Kindred, Butler uses time travel to give a modern audience the unique ability to have actual firsthand experience of slavery through the character of Dana, a contemporary of the reading audience.

In short, the idea of sexuality as viewed by Alice and Dana, provide the reader with the different perspectives, thus creating meaning and better understanding of the importance of sexuality.

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Another compelling aspect that we see in this book is when Dana starts to come to grip to the fact that she is now living in an era in which her and her people are not even recognized as humans. But on the other hand, was able to live slightly better off Kindred essays the other slaves because of the aforementioned complex relationship she had with Rufus.

Rufus then buys Alice so that he can have her as his own, however, Alice does not allocate to him the most essential part-her spirit. Even though these two people were miles apart in the way the were raised or who they are as a person, Butler was able to establish a link between them and use her writing in a manner that shows us that every body out there is kinfolk in some way or another, and that people are not really as different as they seem.

For Dana, she eventually kills Rufus because of his sexual advances towards her. She knew that if she ran away, Rufus would sell her children, and that was something that she could not live with. As Rufus grows up, he sees Dana as a sister. Evidence that Dana has previously educated herself about slavery—but that this book education does little to prepare her for the firsthand experience of being a slave.

Never before having experienced physical abuse, initially Dana is reluctant to act. Therefore they could not have a friendship or relationship because the politics during that time period made it difficult for their relationship to be accepted.

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The author helps reader to understand the emotions by portraying love being love, no matter what difference is amongst the two in the relationship through expressing thoughts and events. In the end, Alice did kill herself, but only because Rufus had her believe that he sold her children.

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When her and her husband attempt to run away, Rufus jumps at the chance to buy Alice, when there is auction to sell the both of them. In a similar vein, she learns from a field hand to work slowly so that the overseer believes she is working to capacity.

Isaac is tortured for beating a white man; Alice is tortured for helping a black slave to escape and is made a slave g. Since slaves were not suppose to talk back or show any signs of intelligence.

I found that the way the author describes Dana's struggle, as a person who left her home involuntarily to come and serve someone she has no intentions of serving is a well played symbolization of the struggle the African slaves had to go through when they were involuntarily snatched from their lives to come and serve someone against their will.

In Kindred the main character, Dana, does not call her master, Rufus, master. For Alice, being a mother is the only thing that keeps her from killing herself-at least for most of the novel.

He respects her intelligence and needs to talk to her to feel sane.

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The varied and powerful roles Dana plays for Rufus explain her strong hold on him. The punishment—attack by dog pack, sometimes mutilation, beating, and often sale to the deadly sugar, rice, or cotton plantations of the deep South—is perceived as too great a risk for most.

With the creation of Alice, Butler shows us that the past informs the present and eventually the future. They know that their relationship would not have been tolerated in the previous century, and they discover that their marriage still elicits notice even in late twentieth century Maryland, where they travel when their ordeal is completed.

In the beginning of the novel, Dana is a better parental figure for Rufus than Margaret Weylin is. Evidence that Dana has previously educated herself about slavery—but that this book education does little to prepare her for the firsthand experience of being a slave.The RMIT College of Business requires you to use a particular style of essay writing which involves both the way the essay is structured and the way that you acknowledge other.

Kindred Homework Help Questions. Why is it important to examine history from different perspectives/ points of view, knowing that That is a very good question. Good Essays words | ( pages) | Preview Kindred: Through The Eyes Of A Slave - American History, though relatively short compared to the history of the rest of the world, is a topic taught during all levels of education.

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Kindred by Octavia Butler Essay Words | 6 Pages. Kindred by Octavia Butler Octavia Butler’s novel Kindred is categorized as science fiction because of the existence of time travel.

However, the novel does not center. Because Kindred is told in the first person, from Dana’s perspective, we never get to peer into Rufus’s head.

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In addition, Rufus does not speak directly about his feelings for Dana. A Comparison of Butler's Life and Kindred Essay Words | 8 Pages. A Comparison of Butler's Life and Kindred What lies in the mind of an author as he or she begins the long task of writing a fiction novel? This question can be answered if the author's life is studied and then compared to the work itself.

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