Econometric analysis of capm

As you can see in the illustration, as beta increases from 1 to 2, the expected return Econometric analysis of capm also rising. Lok Kin Gary Ng, contact email: The Auto-Regressive model theory explains that the model could possibly have auto-correlated disturbances that affect the efficiency of the model Verbeek,inherited from the transformation of data which is not cover under the scope of this study.

The trouble is that diversification still doesn't solve the problem of systematic risk; even a portfolio of all the shares in the stock market can't eliminate that risk. According to the current study, the factors that affected the Beta are serious enough to invalidate most applications of the CAPM Even though there are flaws in the CAPM for empirical study, the approach of the linearity of expected return and risk is readily relevant.

Investors maximize expected utility of wealth. When professors Eugene Fama and Kenneth French looked at share returns on the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange and Nasdaq between andthey found that differences in betas over that lengthy period did not explain the performance of different stocks.

If the stock's beta is 2. The undesired conclusion could be eliminated with further study with better instruments and data collection. To this is added a premium that equity investors demand to compensate them for the extra risk they accept.

FF three factor model jointly significant test H0: Thus, contradicts the concept of AAPM. The most serious critique of the CAPM is the assumption that future cash flows can be estimated for the discounting process.

Hence, it means the constant term should be zero — close to zero, is not sufficient. The linear relationship between beta and individual stock returns also breaks down over shorter periods of time.

The FF three factor model parameters smb and hml jointly significant test H0: The big sticking point is beta.

Capital Asset Pricing Model - CAPM

If an investor could estimate the future return of a stock with a high level of accuracy, the CAPM would not be necessary. The Dickey Fuller stationary test was undertaken to determine whether the data was stationary.

In the following chart you can see two portfolios that have been constructed to fit along the efficient frontier. The CAPM also assumes that the risk-free rate will remain constant over the discounting period. Under the linear condition of the CAPM, the parameter of the excess market return with respect to the risk-free market rmrf has proven significant to the model.

Capital asset pricing model

A transformation of data using first derivative satisfies this condition. It can subsequently be concluded that the parameter is integrated order 1. It is necessary to conduct a model significant test respectively, using joint significant test. A transformation of data using log function satisfies this condition.

From the result, it could be concluded that there is no multicollinearity as expected. The alternative asset pricing model allows expected returns to be linked to more than a single source of risk. That is the selected five shares are collected into a portfolio, the effects of company specific factors will tend to cancel each other out; this is how diversification reduces risk Peirson et al, Another 20 x 20 matrix was then created and which weighted the variance covariance matrix by the stock weights in a given portfolio.

The result must be cross verified with other diagnostic tests. This process was repeated for various values and each point was plotted, resulting in the following efficient frontier: In the time series approach, Fama and French stated its FF three factor model has an intercept?

The CAPM uses a measure of systematic risk that can be compared with other assets in the market. The FF three factor model parameters smb and hml jointly significant test H0: Therefore, when calculating a deserved return, systematic risk is what plagues investors most.

Interest rates, recessions and wars are examples of systematic risks. Each excess stock return was then regressed on the excess market returns to estimate the beta coefficient as follows: Even the sampling techniques should eliminate multicollinearity, it is reasonable to verify the efficiency of the model by conducting a VIF analysis.

The risk of portfolio B rose faster than its expected returns. Not surprisingly, the model has come to dominate modern financial theory. However, by analysing the P — value for both models, the FF three factor model has a higher likelihood to have omitted variable, which contradicts the econometric phenomena that Fama and French suggested This equity market premium consists of the expected return from the market as a whole less the risk-free rate of return.Applied Financial Econometrics using Stata 3.

Linear Factor Models Stan Hurn Queensland University of Technology. // estimate CAPM for first portfolio and test alpha = 0 and beta = 1. reg z1 rm_rf Source SS df MS Number of obs = F(1, ) = The analysis of this paper will derive the validity of the Fama and French (FF) model and the efficiency of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM).

The comparison of the Fama and French Model and CAPM (Sharpe, & Lintner, ) uses real time data of stock market to practise its efficacy. In the results the CAPM and FF three factor function, there is 24% and 96% of the data explained with the independent variables respectively.

This possibly contradicts the CAPM and AAPM theory, as the explanation of risk phenomena is expressed with one variable (market Beta), which should theoretically has.

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In financial economics, the proposition stating that. Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) is the backbone of modern portfolio theory.

Capital Asset Pricing Model - CAPM

According to CAPM, the expected return on stock is a function of its relationship with the market portfolio defined by its beta. Testing the Capital Asset Pricing Model: An Econometric Approach - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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Econometric analysis of capm
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