A report on the subject of circumcision

The terminal nerves there end in the foreskin and dorsal glans. This case did go to a jury, and damages were awarded on Friday. Would circumcision be especially beneficial to these infants? The present study provided somewhat surprising data on orgasmic sensitivity.

Gentler, more inclusive circumcision. Anyway, for those who collect trivia about celebrity circumcisions, you now know that Chuck Close has a foreskin. But many browsers are issuing warnings about non-secure sites, and in the future http: In Favour of Circumcision Sydney: In Australia, as in the United States, however, thousands of boys annually are the victims of circumcision procedures, the vast majority of which are not required for any health reason, are certainly not desired by the child, and are probably not in his best interests.

InSayre began using circumcision as a purported cure for several cases of young boys diagnosed with paralysis or significant motor problems.

Three years ago a year-old boy was circumcised in Pretoria, South Africa, and part of his glans was cut off. That being said, Egyptian paintings date circumcision to centuries prior, depicting ritual circumcision as prerequisite to entering the priesthood. Not surprisingly Thai health authorities have issued warnings about the procedure, stating that it could cause pain and permanent damage and also that the whitening effect was unlikely to be permanent.

They have also been subjected to castration, circumcision or other sexual mutilation. It is very rare for penile cancer to affect someone so young, but he neglected the symptoms until they could no longer be ignored.

Recommendations for the recovery period include: Meanwhile the boy is probably very happy, having got what he wanted. Empty the bladder before retiring, and using the bathroom as necessary during the night.

It received such a flood of contradictory submissions that it was unable to reach a firm conclusion, and nothing was done. Jonathan Grund, jgrund cdc. He goes on a journey to manhood while at an initiation school in rural Eastern Cape, but refuses to conform to the Xhosa culture's idea of masculinity.

There is good but not ideal evidence that circumcision of babies reduces the incidence of UTIs in boys under two years of age, and there is fair evidence that the reduction in incidence is by a factor of 3—10 times circumcisions prevents one UTI.

This is not to say that the religious element of circumcisions subsided.

Circumcision and law

New data on male circumcision and HIV prevention: Many sex manuals assume this is true for all men. Masters and Johnson's only interest in the foreskin in intercourse is whether it covers the glans: The foreskin is moving in centripetal or efferent courses absolutely loosely, painless and bloodless.

These data include only VMMCs for HIV prevention, performed under local anesthesia in medical settings by trained clinicians in southern and eastern Africa. See it at Abebooks. In rare cases, too much skin is removed from the penis, leading to painful erections in adulthood.

In fact, men who talk like those hosts implicitly condemn circumcision for making their sensitivity too hair-trigger.

The AAP Report on Circumcision: Bad Science + Bad Ethics = Bad Medicine

The Greeks abhorred circumcision, making life for circumcised Jews living among the Greeks and later the Romans very difficult. For the actual study, see http: Is there no way out of this dilemma? It's not what you've got He thought the procedure ameliorated such problems based on a "reflex neurosis" theory of disease, which held that excessive stimulation of the genitals was a disturbance to the equilibrium of the nervous system and a cause of systemic problems.

Maybe he felt that he just couldn't wait any longer.


Iceland to ban circumcision? You can read the abstract at PubMed.


So boys diagnosed with those conditions should definitely be circumcised. Circumcision can prevent a recurrence.

Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision — Southern and Eastern Africa, 2010–2012

We reported on it on December 30th. Doctors should ensure that any parents seeking circumcision for their son in the belief that it confers health benefits are fully informed of the lack of consensus amongst the profession over such benefits, and how great any potential benefits and harms are.

House majority leader Aden Duale protested that a woman could not give advice on such matters. Policies that require the costs to be paid by the parents yield lower neonatal circumcision rates.There are many laws in the Bible - some pertain only to Israel, others being moral laws are forwarded into the New Testament.

Benefits and risks of circumcision

There is a commentary chapter on the book of Hebrews that clarifies for the reader what constitutes the Old and New Covenants. The two best reports met the gold standard of research, On the subject of circumcision, I do not trust American researchers, and anyone with connections to Brian Morris of Australia.

I. The oldest Jewish congregation in the East San Francisco Bay region, founded inwill host a groundbreaking discussion surrounding the choice to skip circumcision by Jewishly observant families.

Scale-Up of Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Services for HIV Prevention — 12 Countries in Southern and Eastern Africa, – The findings in this report are subject to at least four limitations.

Opuni M, Schnure M, et al. Age targeting of voluntary medical male circumcision programs using the Decision Makers’ Program. Circumcision: Circumcision, the operation of cutting away all or part of the foreskin (prepuce) of the penis.

The origin of the practice is unknown, although the widespread distribution of circumcision as a ritual suggests great antiquity.

Circumcision is generally viewed by anthropologists as a practice through. Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn) is often mentioned as a presidential hopeful. Sen. Lieberman is a well known advocate of Orthodox Judaism. In an Orthodox Jewish circumcision ceremony, the foreskin of the baby's penis is cut with a knife.

A report on the subject of circumcision
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